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QH1 Staining


Elizabeth Jones

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Science, KU Leuven, Belgium
Curriculum Vitae

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Vincenza Caolo (2014-present) - Shear stress and Notch Signalling
Hans Zaun (2011-2014) - Glycocalyx in Maternal Diabetes

PhD Students

Hanna Peacock (2014-present) - BMP signalling and shear stress
Siavash Ghaffari (2012-present) - Computational Fluid Dynamics of Embryonic Vessels during Remodelling
Bahar Kasaai (2011 - 2014) - Hlx Signalling During Vascular Development
Espen Jahnsen (2011-2014) - The Role of Arteriovenous Differentiation in Mechanotransduction

M. Eng Students

Guillaume Chouinard-Pelletier (2011-2012) - Spatially localized gene transduction through mechanical means
Sarah Al-Roubaie (2010-2012) - Inflammation and Circulating Cells in Vascular Development
Caitlin Henderson-Toth (2009-2011) - The Formation of the Glycocalyx During Vascular Development
Espen Jahnsen (2008-2011) - The Role of Neuropilin-1 in Mechanotransduction
Soroor Javan (2008-2011) - Particle Image Velocimetry of Blood Flow in the Developing Embryo

Summer Research Assistants

Masud Mohammed, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2011
Roya Jamarani, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2011
Guillaume Chouinard-Pelletier, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2010
Sofia Solar, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2010
Jasmine Hughes, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2010/Summer 2011
Michele Peou, Chemical Engineering, Fall 2009
Sarah Al-Roubaie, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2008/Summer 2009
Daniel Aziz, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2008
Christopher Jackson, Mechanical Engineering, Summer 2008
Gauravi Shah. Mechanical Engineering, Summer 2008
Omar Alsaffar, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2008

Positions Available

Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of the research, we are looking for graduate students both from engineering and from biology backgrounds. Please contact me to discuss possible graduate research projects.


Adjunct Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill

Current Position
Department of Cardiovascular Science
KU Leuven
3000 Leuven