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Imaging of Antibody Staining

aSMA Staining
Alpha-smooth muscle actin staining of smooth muscle cells (red) around a blood vessel (green).

Three Colour Antibody Stain
Staining of blood vessels for PECAM-1 (green), VEGFR2 (red) and Topro (blue).

CollIV Staining
Collagen iV Staining on sections of an E9.5 mouse embryo

aSMA GFP-Blood
Anti-Alpha smooth muscle actin highlights smooth muscle cells (red) and green fluorescent protein (GFP, green) shows red blood cells.

ANtibody to VEGFR2
Antibody staining to VEGFR2 (red) showing GFP-expressing RBCs (green)

alpha Tubulin Staining
alpha-Tubulin Staining on Embryos



Adjunct Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill

Current Position
Department of Cardiovascular Science
KU Leuven
3000 Leuven