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CHEE 370 - Elements of Biotechnology

Enzyme kinetics; proteins, carbohydrates and other biochemicals; industrially significant microbes; introduction to genetic engineering, cell structure and metabolism; laboratory exercises.

CHEE 562 - Engineering Principles in Physiology

Basic aspects of human physiology from an engineering point of view. Applications of general balance equations and control theory to systems physiology. The course will cover: circulatory physiology, nervous system physiology, respiratory physiology and the musculoskeletal system.

CHEE 651 - Advanced Biochemical Engineering

The course covers both fundamentals of biochemical engineering and application of the knowledge through the study of protein design, protein expression and reactor design.  .


Adjunct Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill

Current Position
Department of Cardiovascular Science
KU Leuven
3000 Leuven